Our Mission

MAN UPChanging the Social Behavior of Men throughout America

One man at a time

Mission and Vision

We believe all men in our community should set high standards of morality, ethics and hard work. It is our goal that we become reliable men, providers, husbands, fathers and collaborative community leaders. We endeavor to strengthen men and their extended families through mentoring, peacemaking, justice, reconciliation and shared prosperity.

Goals and Objectives

To serve the health, interests, rights & needs of all people

  1. We will continue to establish effective programs and activities to empower males to make right choices and be responsible for their actions.
  2. We will advocate for the restoring of marriage & family by demonstrating the MAN UP FIVE principles which are:

    MAN UP as an Individual

    MAN UP as a Provider

    MAN UP as a Husband

    MAN UP as a Father

    MAN UP as a Community Leader